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Sauerbraten Assassin edition is released!

The new Sauerbraten Assassin edition is out! Featuring new gamemode assassin, insta assassin, regen capture, hudguns, many new maps and editing features!

Don't wait, Download now!

See the Official release thread.

Many new maps have been included as well as interesting gamemodes, editing, administration and gameplay features. The new capture assortment contains 22 maps in total!


15, 16: Assassin mode. You are assigned a random target to kill (red skin) worth 1 point, people targeting you are worth 0 points (orange/default skin), and friendly players (blue skin) are worth -1 points.

Regen Capture

14: Regen capture mode, like capture mode but with no respawn timer, and you regenerate health, armour, and ammo by standing on bases you own.



  • added new "slowmo" sp and dmsp modes (-5 and -4 respectively), see sp modes description
  • added lots of functionality to the rpg game
  • capture meters now decay instead of reset if you leave their radius
  • added assassin, insta assassin, and regen capture game modes
  • models (hudguns, characters, etc.) are now preloaded to reduce load pauses during play
  • switched the quick-edit menu key from TAB to F3
  • air speed bonus now works when moving backwards
  • added geartrooper's new hudguns and vweps
  • improved remip
  • added dtrace probes for cube script
  • added "aiclip" material for clipping monsters in SP
  • added exploding barrels, movable boxes, platforms, and elevators for SP (via "barrel", "box", "platform", and "elevator" entities)
  • added support for anisotropic texture filtering (via "aniso" var)
  • re-enabled occlusion query on Linux ATI/fglrx drivers due to some massive improvements in version 8.42
  • cut capture/spawn times in half for insta capture
  • added support for depth-fogged water in fixed-function mode
  • softened up water edges when using refractive water with shaders
  • master status must now be approved by one other person (via "approve" command) when using the "-o1" public server option
  • rewrote heightmap. Hold LCTRL or press H to activate.
  • added workaround for broken demo recording on Windows
  • added normalmapping support for models (via "md3bumpmap" command)
  • taunting now causes player to stop moving
  • fixed bug with explosions not doing damage
  • made client and server sync their clocks as often as possible to compensate for inaccurate clocks on some hardware
  • replaced the display list fallback for models with vertex arrays instead (allows better reuse of model animation on older 3D cards)
  • player animation is now cached so its only done once per frame despite multipass rendering (reflections, shadows, etc.)
  • player models now use occlusion queries so only visible players are animated (huge SP speedup with lots of monsters)
  • environment map textures are now automatically scaled so that all sides have matching resolution
  • added lightning particles
  • added experimental soft shadow system based on shadowmapping and depth peeling
  • Cube map importer can now handle AssaultCube maps
  • added spectator follow camera (via "follow" command)
  • added "loadcrosshair" command
  • improved scoreboard for team modes
  • miscellaneous crash/bug fixes

Posted on Saturday, 22nd December 2007 by Drakas
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