Want to talk to us? Or have a game? Visit our Discord Server. Discord is our main hub of communication, and we don't usually use any other protocols apart from e-mail to communicate between ourselves. We choose to not have a forum.

To use Discord, click the link at the top right corner of the page. Don't forget, Don't play ping-pong when asking questions.


1. Use of correct language
Many people in woop are still learning English. Use correct grammar, don't use AOLbonics ('u', 'r'). Don't wreck it for them - rather, expose them to the beauty of English! Abbreviations are encouraged - 'lol', 'bbl', 'brb', 'afk' - since they put separate words together.
2. Etiquette of behaviour
We will not tolerate discrimination and prejudice. If you don't like a woopie then don't say it here. Don't be an ass!
3. Appropriate topics
Woop aims to be a family channel. Anything that is not suitable for under-18s must go elsewhere. Pornography must not be discussed. However, discussions about copyright infringement are allowed - but specific file sharing through the channel is not.
4. Use of IRC
Flooding, spamming, trolling, flaming is not allowed. Flooding does include the 'too-often' use of the Enter/Return key - try to write longer lines instead of short lines. Auto-away messages are forbidden - anyone who cares will check /whois or highlight your nick.
5. Need help?
Check out before asking a question. That means you don't ask to ask - just ask. Give as much information as possible. Ask smart to get a smart answer!
6. Be resourceful
When discussing things, or helping out, keep in mind the availability of Google, Wikipedia and software manuals.
7. Operators' rights
Operators reserve the right to kick (temporarily remove) or kickban (prevent you from coming back) for breaking any of these rules.
8. Logging
Public logging is not permitted.
9. English only!
What it says.
10. Woop Kings
Don't question the authority.
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