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Don't play ping-pong when asking questions

See the difference:
<A> B
* hour later *
<A> are you there, B?
* hours later *
<B> yes
* hours later
<A> can I ask you a question?
* hours later *
<B> go ahead
* hours later *
<A> <question>
* hours later *
<B> <answer>
<A> hi, B. I have a question: <question>
* hours later *
<B> <answer>

Note how many "* hours later *" there are in the first, compared to the second case. Also, don't forget how to ask questions the smart way.

I'll simply not answer you in the former case.

Edit: stfu noob... let me to write a little more:

You think you are pissed off? What happens if you get a bunch of queries at roughly this level at least once an hour every day?

<noob> boon?

<noob> hi, got a min?
(how do I know?)

<boon> r u there?
(wait and find out)

<boon> ive got a problem
(you certainly do)

<oobn> can i ask a stupid question?
(you just did)

<bono> my friend is blacklisted
(I'm not telepathic)
Also, communicating with a proxy just adds more problems...

Posted on Thursday, 4th February 2010 by Drakas
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