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Level 9 by rocknrol

Amazing map!


Synopsis (by Drakas)

Scared.... - "ooowww, my head.... What is this place? I haven't been here before...."
- "Sir, are you okay?", sounds come from all round
- "What? ?!?!?!", fear shivered through his body.
- "Calm down, you've got a receiver transplant inside your body. You've just been teleported to the enemy's ship. We need you to tell us how it looks so we could begin analysing it."
- "Ok... Long corridors..." - his voice has changed
- "Please walk around and describe the place"
- "Okay, I can see a path on my right..."
- "Sir, our radars show approaching enemy. You must hide!!!"
- "There's nowhere I can hide!!"
The enemy's soldiers approach him and begin shooting.
- "Hello? Hello??? Can you hear me? Please teleport me back!!!"
Not a single signal reaches his ears. The only way to survive... it's to fight...

You have been trapped in an enemy's spaceship. All you can do to survive is to fight. rock.n.rol's level9, a high quality single experience game will blow you away..

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Wow! This is on par with "An Army of One" ... definitely release-quality material - this should be included for sure!
The whole ambience you've created with your unique architecture - there's parts I'll definitely take a longer look at than I did while hunting down those monsters ;-) ... never seen combinations like that - but they definitely work!


Compared with others, this map adds more spice to the gameplay, by taking advantage of every single area of the well designed layout (cool details and ideas, very good use of textures and particles).


level9 was developed with superior skill and precision to bring exceptional singleplayer experience!

Posted on Sunday, 25th November 2007 by Drakas
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