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Woop news update, 12th Sep 2007

Okay, there have been no news on the woop site for a while. Maybe it's just that I (Drakas here) have become pretty busy with school even though I still have the time.

New things:

  1. New people and profiles were added to the players section.
  2. The woop fest is going to come on 20th and 21st of October (page is subject to change to this) this year. This time we are going to do AssaultCube too as well as American fests if we manage to get enough people to come to the games.
  3. Woop is going to be one year old in October!
  4. We are going to rent secondary woop servers soon, and build: 1) Sauerbraten server with sauermod, for duels, 2) AssaultCube servers. They are going to be for public use.
  5. Undertaker reached the 2nd place in the Premium Sauerbraten League instagib while Morkkh!! won the games.
  6. solea has made a nice video of the PSL games.
  7. Tachyon has released a new version of XSR some time ago.
  8. Still asking for donations :P contact Drakas for the PayPal account.

Posted on Wednesday, 12th September 2007 by Drakas
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