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Woop Clan fragfest flyer!

How it works

We play 2+ hours of Sauerbraten, and then 2+ hours of AssaultCube. The times will overlap and so the Sauer crew will stay to maintain Sauer games, and the AC crew will move onto the AC games.

In order to participate, you must join our IRC channel: we will organise people into sub-groups, depending on the amount of players. You'll be let in first-come-first-serve into each server slot.

We'll also be Mumbling and maybe even running an internet radio stream if we have the people to do the talking :)

In Sauerbraten, we will have one or two main servers, and a few private servers for those wanting private challenges.

In AssaultCube, we will arrange the games on a first-come basis, where each server will have 6 or 8 player capacity, thus optimising the games. If there are enough players, the servers will be skill-based.

Who can come?

Anyone! Your friends, your clanmates, your relatives are welcome. Anyone!

Just please make sure you join IRC!


The table shows local start times for each corresponding location. If the cell is green, it means that in local time, it will be Saturday; and if it is yellow, it will be Sunday (or morning of). Sunday the 25th is the date for DST changes, so be very careful about the timing. Check with your national TV just in case. The base times (upon which we decide the times for other locations) are highlighted for each area.

Local times
Los Angeles 10:0012:0015:0017:0000:0002:00
Chicago 12:0014:0017:0019:0002:0004:00
New York 13:0015:0018:0020:0003:0005:00
Sao Paulo 15:0017:0020:0022:0005:0007:00
London 18:0020:0023:0001:0007:0009:00
Paris 19:0021:0000:0002:0008:0010:00
Berlin 19:0021:0000:0002:0008:0010:00
Helsinki 20:0022:0001:0003:0009:0011:00
Moscow 21:0023:0001:0003:0010:0012:00
New Delhi 22:3000:3003:3005:3012:3014:30
Tokyo 02:0004:0007:0009:0016:0018:00
Sydney 04:0006:0009:0011:0018:0020:00
Auckland 06:0008:0011:0013:0020:0022:00

Use the time zone converter to find your local times if you are uncertain. Might also be useful to check because this had to be copied out by hand from the website :)


There will be a range of games taking place in three groups (Oceania, Europe and Americas) and three subgroups each (massive games, team/clan games, 1on1 fights). We will be running a range of servers to satisfy each of those groups.
Massive games
teamplay @ curvedm
instateam @ flagstone
regen @ river_c
efficiency @ neonpanic
Team games
ictf @ face-capture/reissen/tejen/forge/...
ctf @ damnation/face-capture/reissen/tejen/forge/...
Individual games
insta @ complex
insta @ ot
ffa @ academy
ffa @ douze
There will be a range of games taking place in three groups (Oceania, Europe and Americas) with one subgroup - team/interclan games.
These will be chosen later

Spread the word

You can advertise the fest on the forums. The following are available:

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