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We run a range of public gaming servers.

sauer = /connect sauer.woop.us, for example.
/connect w00p.cc - European. Our private server for playing
AssaultCube - private
aura 1999 - European, private games. Passwords available, 1.2
aura 2999 - European, private games. Passwords available, 1.2
aura 3999 - European, private games. Passwords available, 1.2
aura 4999 - European, private games. Passwords available, 1.2
link - Voicecom & chat software. (ask raffael for infos)

Guide to the AssaultCube servers and access to them and their passwords.

Distinct passwords will be given out to all the trusted players requesting them. The passwords given are unified across 'aura'.

Public server rules (default port): you may use the admin powers to: kick or ban when appropriate (please report users worth of blacklisting to Sanzo or Lucas), move players around teams if the teams are uneven, change maps when inappropriate. You may not: change the mastermode, server description, and use the power to fix teams that make games unfair.

Private server rules (port X999): if there is a game already going on, find another server to join. For this reason, do not, under any circumstance, use admin connect unless you know the server is being mis-used. You may look at who is playing using CSL. Otherwise, you may do as much as you need to to organise another game.

Help out the newbies! There are many players who use the private servers without administration powers. If you see the server being used for a clanmatch without mastermode, join them and give the admin if you believe the players are trustworthy.

Any misuse of the servers and discrimination against newbies will not go without consequences. Treat every player well, be a good sportsman, and we'll like to continue to provide you with easy to use servers across the globe. Report if anything bad happens!

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