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New awesome AC stuff !

The Woop Clan are proud to invite you to our new AssaultCube Match League at

The matches with their demos appear automatically and are recorded from our Aura servers: 1999, 2999, 3999, 4999
These servers have been hitfixed.

Be fair, enjoy it and spread the word. We have many ideas for this website, but we need to be sure it will be worth our time.

Any feedback, including ideas and sketches, let us know via our TeamSpeak server at

Sanzouille & Woop Clan.

[Image: 0MNxilU.png?1]
Posted on Friday, 19th December 2014 by Sanzo

Drakas Interview 2014

Ramb0 interviews Drakas about his experience in the Cube Engine gaming world.

Drakas is the creator of the HI-SKILL Ladder for AssaultCube and the records for Sauerbraten.

The interview covers the beginnings, AssaultCube, Sauerbraten, Sauerbraten community, philosophy, future and person.

Ramb0: Hello Drakas. You could start by introducing yourself, what's your age, name, etc?

Drakas: I'm known as Drakas in the Cube Engine world, am in mid twenties, live in London, and have been in the Cube gaming scene for nearly nine years.

Continue reading »

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Posted on Thursday, 11th December 2014 by Drakas

New recruits

Fresh reinforcements arrived.
wtf?! joined us today, and as you probably noticed the 'bro duo' from USA, hades & Nighty joined us as well some time ago.

Welcome to w00p guys!
Posted on Thursday, 27th November 2014 by Art

w00p 8 years old!

w00p is already 8 years old, happy birthday!

Posted on Wednesday, 22nd October 2014 by Art back online! servers are now back and are in the ranks!

Posted on Saturday, 27th September 2014 by Drakas

Announcing Duel.GG


View Sauerbraten duel results in real-time on:

Posted on Sunday, 14th September 2014 by Drakas


Woop clan (AC) is proud to give you the new aura servers.

Please check our servers page for more infos.

Posted on Tuesday, 15th July 2014 by Sanzo

Sauerbraten Sauercom: Effic 1v1 Summer League - Let The Games Begin

The Sauercom's Effic 1v1 Summer League looks very exciting!

The Participants

Division 1 [brackets]

  1. Acuerta
  2. Art
  3. cocoa
  4. Deimos
  5. echo-echo
  6. lagout
  7. notas
  8. wtf

Division 2 [brackets]

  1. Chaos
  2. Fear
  3. Gangler
  4. hades
  5. Nighty
  6. sparta
  7. Star
  8. swatllama
Effic 1v1 Summer League - Let The Games Begin
Posted on Friday, 9th May 2014 by Drakas

Assault Cube clan wars

New wars played on AssaultCube can be found on HorusĀ“ match module here.
Posted on Tuesday, 14th January 2014 by Art

Winning !

Our AC squad just won the "Gold League Championship"

Gratz :)

Posted on Sunday, 12th January 2014 by Sanzo

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