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Woop wins the PSL Capture league!

woop woop!

Woop clan finishes at 1st place in the PSL Capture League at 28 points. 9 wins out of 10 games.

Thanks to all players who participated in the capture games of woop clan! Both enemies and woopies ;-)

Special thanks to all woopies, and Drakas and rock.n.rol, who participated in every one of the 10 games. Also, I think that schmutzwurst deserves an applause for his commitment to managing the PSL league, and letting us meet other Sauerbraten teams.

We learned a lot in this PSL Capture - that we do not have any tactics, that mix and TC teams are the ones with most tactics... and that the league is fun!

Thank You!

Posted on Sunday, 24th June 2007 by Drakas
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