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Woop news!

We have a few things to say!

  1. The woop league is going pretty well. But don't hesitate and play your games guys! Let's fill up the sheet! You can play as many games against one person as you want, it's all up to you!
  2. The woop:planet site is quite stable now - if you would like your Tumblog or Blog added, contact Drakas
  3. The fest's video is going to be released soon. Drakas needs song suggestions still. Find something that is 'fun', atmospheric - anything except pop, metal or rock :P ... it is not suited
  4. Woop channel statistics have been cleared from 14th August. See the old statistics
  5. Woop is planning on expanding for a small ladder and getting ready for the next Fragfest (end of October 2007!). Because we may need more servers and prizes we are accepting donations - ask Drakas for his PayPal account if you care to donate!

Posted on Wednesday, 15th August 2007 by Drakas
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