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Sauerbraten Spring edition released!

See the forum thread at CubeEngine

  • scoreboard now displays mode, map, and time remaining
  • bases now produce ammo in capture mode (take ammo with R key or "repammo" command)
  • added reflective water in fixed-function mode
  • added reflective glass in fixed-function mode
  • made waterfall top/bottom correctly align with water surface
  • player vs. player collisions now use ellipses instead of bounding boxes
  • added new functionality to the rpg prototype (WiP)
  • added planar shadows for most dynamic entities
  • added -o option for servers to disable "locked" and "private" mastermodes
  • dead players now colored gray on scoreboard
  • class="important"changed experimental movement speedup code to include both jumping & forward independently (see game.html)
  • added F key support to heightmap editing.
  • improved "fastshader" system to support more than 2 performance levels
  • added environment-mapped geometry shaders (via "bumpenv*world" shaders)
  • added ambient sound entities (via "mapsound" and "newent sound")
  • added alpha-masked shadows for mapmodels with alpha-channel skins (via "calclight 3")
  • added animated caustics effect to underwater geometry
  • added experimental animated grass system
  • added support for GLSL shaders
  • added entautoview, entitysurf and selectionsurf
  • added Marc's latest 8 tracks, for a total of 31 now!
  • added visual entity box handle. allows easy choice of orientation. hovering over an ent now replaces closest ent as implicit ent selection.
  • added smoothmap command for heightmaps. (default press H when already in hmap mode) executes a moving avg filter over hmap
  • added context sensitive entity menu (default TAB)
  • added a scale parameter to the "texture" command, for changing the apparent size
  • texture combining now scales combined texture to match size of base texture
  • command "showtexgui" (default F2) allows for comfortable texture browsing
  • made gui stick to player's Z
  • fixed server lockup (in patch)

Posted on Friday, 13th April 2007 by Drakas
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