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Gaming up to date

In Christmas PSL w00p's team hit the jackpot and collected 4 victories out of 4.

  • w00p won insta capture against RB
  • w00p won regen capture against a mixed team
  • aNALzoMBIe a.k.a w00p|Majikal won the efficiency title against RB|Honzik1
  • w00p|tenshi won the STT-title (Sauer Tennis Tournament for those that didnt know that :)

Again in January's PSL w00p managed to gather 3 victories out of 5. Sadly both of our insta titles we're lost. But that's only going to mean that next time the race for insta titles is on. For real.

  • w00p|tenshi won ffa title against RB|Undertaker
  • w00p|tenshi lost the insta title to RB|Honzik1
  • w00p won the capture title against }TC{
  • b00b won the ctf title against }TC{. Thanks for our visiting star sexy1 for playing in that one.
  • w00p lost the insta CTF title to |DM| in the third match. GG's guys

GG's and thanks for all those who played. We will get back to business in February's PSL.

- Jay-EM -

Posted on Saturday, 17th January 2009 by Drakas
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