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Fest is over

Hello, thanks to you all for participating in the frag fest, we had over 20 players in the Australian fest and over 25 in the European+American fest.

Drakas will upload all screenshots on the 'net next week and have a HD quality video of the fest ready, too.

If you want any of your screenshots published, send them to me (compressed in jpg or png) to drakas dot tralas at googlemail dot com.

Big thanks :D

If you want to check for the new content, we have an RSS feed provided. If you want to check out more stuff from woopies, woop:planet is the place for it :-)

Oh, by the way - for woopies - Drakas has set up a League for all you. Play as many games as you want against anyone you want, at any modes - absolutely your choice. Ask daMfr0^, Rhubarb, rock.n.rol or Drakas if you would like a score to be added. Alternatively, you can request a password for yourself :-)

Posted on Sunday, 5th August 2007 by Drakas
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