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AssaultCube v0.93

AssaultCube v0.93 released!

  • a new name: ActionCube is now known as AssaultCube. best feature ever..
  • new map ac_snow
  • mini team-radar
  • map overview
  • ingame documentation reference (command prompt and menus)
  • water reflections
  • dynamic player shadows
  • bulletholes
  • 3rd person demo playback, pausing and slow motion (experimental)
  • team chat
  • new 'admin' client role, break into locked servers
  • new explosion gfx (sauer backport)
  • improved weapon sway
  • small physic improvements
  • improved scorebard
  • server MOTD (message of the day)
  • master can now force a player to the enemy team
  • player collisions improved
  • local renaming of duplicate player names (sauer backport)
  • improved app launcher for Mac (sauer backport)
  • reload animation now plays correctly
  • flag now drops correctly on heighfields
  • akimbo pickup does cause a weapon change anymore when using the sniper
  • ctf join bug fixed

Posted on Tuesday, 5th June 2007 by Drakas
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