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Woop - ESL AssaultCube CTF League Season 1 winners!

We finally played the long-awaited game against the .rG! team. The game was a success to Woop who completed the long journey through the very first season of the ESL AssaultCube CTF League. The screenshots of the last game, played on 9th May are here:

Teams we fought in order: MCNNM, ANGRA, A&D and .rG!. Congratulations to .rG! for the second place and we also thank all most of the clans participating in the league for their co-operation within the games. A big thank has to be given to A&D_Davitomon who organised the whole league as well as the DM Ladder for AssaultCube. But the biggest thank still has to go to the Woop clan's representatives, Drakas, Majikal and tenshi. Thank you.

A few of us had technical issues, and rG were very co-operative with that. Both of the teams were exceptionally strong, and the game was enjoyable.

We tied in the first round as Galeon's defense was quite impressive and their attacks came in bursts. I simply could not find a good way to the flag in the first round. The second round went better for us as we decided to change our tactic and letting them come to us like what happened in the first round when we went to their SMG line of fire. Majikal also decided to spend more time attacking rather than defending, thus gaining us three flags. tenshi's excellent accuracy and movement gained him 63 (!) frags, which is exceptional anywhere. On the enemy side, Galeon made a very good performance in the first round, and so did Sanzo. echo achieved very good frags in the second round, where his defense was quite solid.

It was a flat-out 3on3 SMG fight with some of the strongest players of this game. Good games.

We hope to see more of you in the next season.

ESL Rankings and the final match information is available here along with the demos.

Edit: Davitomon also handed us over a trophy:


-- Drakas

Posted on Saturday, 9th May 2009 by Drakas
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