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The Woop AssaultCube Match League introduces player profiles and achievements

As part of our world-class collaboration, we are proud to grant you the privilege of creating your own profiles on http://woop.ac/

It is simple: sign in with your Google account, type in your nickname and an alias, and we will create a profile with your statistics and achievements listed.

The founding achievement is called the "Map Master" achievement. Complete both sides on each of the selected mode/map combinations.

[Image: sjM4TKr.png?1]

Please use the nick you would use in clan matches as your signup "nickname" because you won't be able to change it. Nickname change functionality is being worked on.

As always please report any feedback, questions to us on Teamspeak @ aura.woop.ac

Drakas, Sanzo, Lucas.
Posted on Wednesday, 14th January 2015 by Drakas
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