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.aG* Cup Spring 2012

On 18th January, w00p registered for a tournament organized by the aG clan. 3 monthes later, after defeating .cS"|, =MyS=, FD*, |dR| and |oNe|, we won. We finished first of the higher bracket (we hadn't had to play one tiebreaker) and started for that reason with one life more then oNe into the finals, who had lost to BoB before and came from the lower bracket. But we stumbled unprepared into the game, lost by one flag in the tiebreaker and lost our extra life. So we revised our tactics, reactivated echo and even trained a bit together. All this payed off and we won the second match clearly with 2:0.

Gj team! :)

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Posted on Sunday, 15th April 2012 by Horus
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