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Woop news update

Right, so none of the members decided to actually use the access passwords given to them for this website! Guess that Drakas' absence made this page dead! So here are a few news you might like to know about:

  • Woop won the iCTF games in the PSL.
  • Woop came second in the AC Cup.
  • tenshi won PSL insta.
  • Both tenshi and Majikal qualified into the PSL insta.
  • Welcome element and LightOfReason to Woop, we hope you have a great time here!
  • Holle has been shut down by the ISP because nobody payed.
  • Quin would appreciate a contribution from fellow Australians.

Note: Drakas doesn't know any details :P, as he has been busy with other things.

Guys, all of the best to you: studies, pwning noobs, jobs and other stuff in life, it's all cool!

Posted on Wednesday, 19th November 2008 by Drakas
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