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Now, seriously.

I quite like the diplomatic relations when I'm not around.. and now you can see why I'm not around: I'm not too fond of being exploited by free riders.

[20:39] <Elite|LC> Could some w00p give us admin on idis 60k for ESL tdm cup to close server
[20:39] <Elite|LC> plz?
[20:40] <Majikal> sure, we also can give you our mothers so you can fuck them, what else do you need?
[20:40] <Majikal> get a job and pay your own server

That is, if we don't really know you, don't even bother asking.

Besides, there are enough costs in management already, and not many people want to donate.

And who the fuck plays in the ESL any more anyway?

Posted on Sunday, 14th February 2010 by Drakas
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