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Blood Frontier "Beta 2" Out Now!

Blood Frontier: Blood Frontier "Beta 2" Out Now!

EmblemAfter many months of development, and massive amounts of input from the public, we are proud to present you with the new release of Blood Frontier, v0.85 (Beta 2). This new version totally redefines and improves the game in many ways, creating a whole new style that makes it almost nothing like its predecessor.

We hope that you enjoy this new release, which contains more bug fixes, feature additions, and improvements, than I could ever list. The previous “Beta 1″ package saw us gain a huge increase in contributors and players, which has in turn afforded us more resources to create a better polished Blood Frontier.

Video effects courtesy of Animoto: The end of all slideshows! Blood Frontier was kindly given an all access pass during their “Animoto for a Cause” promotion; thanks guys!

New improvements include:

  • Enhancements to the impulsing (double jump) system; sprint for more speed, run along walls, or kick off them.
  • Fun new secondary fire modes for all weapons; stick grenades to walls, or liquefy your enemies with a big blue ball of death.
  • New and improved maps from the community; enjoy a wider range of playing environments and settings.
  • Refined and increased HUD visibility; always know what’s happening and what you’re looking at.
  • More variables than ever; tailor gameplay to your tastes with more options than you could ever play with.
  • Story mode concept; take the precursor to coop campaigns out for a spin with bots or online.
  • Refinements and polish; gameplay flows easier, visual elements look better.

Special thanks go out to those who enjoyed the game enough to come and offer their help, you should all know that it is very much appreciated; without the advice and opinions you offer, Blood Frontier would not be nearly half as polished as it feels now. Be sure to pop by our chat and leave your own feedback!

Don’t forget to spread the word, invite your friends, have fun, and maybe even donate a little to help us keep the project going. Without you we would not exist today.

Blood Frontier, It’s Bloody Fun!

Download, Learn More, or Get Help today.

Also, happy birthday, Hirato!

Posted on Tuesday, 8th December 2009 by Drakas
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