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Recent competition

This PSL qualifiers went pretty bad for us. In FFA, Majikal and Drakas qualified, the former having the choice of the first map. In insta, kreptor was the only one to play the big game but did not qualified. Because of the Asylum incident, tenshi can still win the grandchampion of insta next week. In capture, we failed completely. However, kreptor participated in the _|_ team, which qualified to play next week. For CTF, we won the grandchampion status last month, so were not allowed to compete this month. In instactf, we did not qualify.

In AC, NR were reluctant to set up a game with us and strangely enough, the ESL admin gave them a default win. Of course we are protesting, but clearly ärkefiende is ignoring anything. Claims that NR 'attempted contact' with us are nonsense, as I've not received a single message from them. They refused to play right before they were given their default win because they didn't have the players. We still hope to play if the possibility is open.

Posted on Monday, 26th October 2009 by Drakas
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