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PSL winners!

Woop's players took all of the titles available in the PSL.

tenshi won both instagib and FFA against Honzik1, which nobody has done yet. The Woop teams won all the other games.

In Capture, Drakas, Majikal and tenshi beat RB overall in asteroids, nmp9 and face-capture. In CTF, Drakas, Majikal, tenshi and teppo beat RB with 10-0 in reissen, 10-0 in face-capture. In iCTF, Majikal, tenshi and teppo beat RB with 2-1 in face-capture and 2-1 in capture_night.

Congratulations for the great work, Woop team!

Posted on Wednesday, 5th August 2009 by Drakas
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