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European server update

We've upgraded our European (aka. Idis) AC servers a little by changing around the ports and using the final AC release version and with this we've completely re-set the passwords too.

Servers are the following:

Name		Port	Players	Public	Passwords
duel1		6010	2	Yes	Unavailable (in-game voting)
duel2		6020	2	Yes	Unavailable (in-game voting)
duel3		6030	2	Yes	Unavailable (in-game voting)
private1	7010	12	No	Available
private2	7020	10	No	Available
private3	7030	10	No	Unavailable (in-game voting)
private4	7040	10	No	Unavailable (in-game voting)
public1		6500	16	Yes	Available

Private 3 and Private 4 are excellent for games if you don't want to be interrupted, because nobody has the password and so you can votekick any intruders as well as change the mastermode. Those abusing our servers will get banned with our unified blacklist and/or with the nickname filter on all of the servers.

Posted on Saturday, 4th July 2009 by Drakas
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