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Making connecting to servers easier (SB/AC)

Sometimes I get annoyed with this automatic refresh in the server list (public servers do get annoying at times). For this reason, we can always make good use of the -mlocalhost switch in the launching script; and if we don't use one, we just add an entry: masterserver.cubers.net

to our /etc/hosts file (or its counterpart on Windows).

We can also make use of the hosts file to make our lives easier. For example, as many of us know, when we're invited into games, we may have to type extremely long commands, such as /connect private.tearyoudown.org .... or /connect main.beyondcompare.org ..... Instead, we just edit this 'hosts' file by adding the entries: tyd bc

This way, to connect to the BC server, all we do is type /connect bc 30011, for example.

Posted on Saturday, 4th July 2009 by Drakas
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