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Sauerbraten CTF has been released!

Quoting from CubeEngine forums:

Go forth and download: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=102911.

Quoth the history.html:

  • Added new MP maps by Nieb (hallo, shipwreck), schmutzwurst (akroseum, berlin_wall), KillHour (hog2), KaiserTodretter (paradiselost), Mayhem & mIscreant (duomo), Mayhem (tejen), Hero & WahnFred (mach2), TUX (capture_night), SATAN!!! (reissen), Redon (c_egypt), and Kal & DairyKing (kalking1)
  • Added MitaMAN's new SP campaign: "Private Stan Sauer"
  • Added Fanatic's new 10 song soundtrack "Spontaneous Failure"
  • Added geartrooper's new MD5 character model: Mr. Fixit
  • Added ctf and insta ctf game modes
  • Added support for cloud boxes and cloud layers over sky box
  • Added in-game text editor for editing cfg files
  • Texture browser now displays glow, rotation, and offsets
  • Added console message filter (controlled via "confilter" and "fullconfilter" vars)
  • "follow" command now works in first-person (can spectate in third-person via "thirdperson" var or 9 key)
  • Added support for Cube Server Lister extended information
  • Added support for Mumble positional audio (contributed by The Conquerors clan)
  • Added "apply changes now?" dialog using "resetgl" command (toggled via "applydialog" var)
  • Made clip material coexist with other materials (so water/lava can clip)
  • Added "death" material for forcing player suicide
  • Added "fullconsize" var for controlling the percent of the screen the full console occupies
  • Undo now works with heightmap editing mode
  • Now automatically pick up ammo boxes when touching a base in normal capture mode (toggled via "autorepammo" var)
  • Lowered the minimum gridpower to 0
  • Added "texoffset", "texrotate", and "texscale" commands for more easily specifying texture slot parameters
  • Texture rotation is now done via texture coordinate generation (instead of making copies/wasting memory)
  • Added "sayteam" command for chatting to teammates (bound to Y key by default)
  • Added optional t-joint removal to fix world sparklies (toggled via "filltjoints" var)
  • Made hit crosshair show when successfully hit enemy (duration set via "hitcrosshair" var)
  • Made teammate crosshair show when aiming at a teammate (toggled via "teamcrosshair" var)
  • Player is now dumped to an empty map if he does not have the particular map in multiplayer
  • Added support for soft particles/explosions (toggled via "depthfx" var)
  • Added support for "pulseglow" shaders in fixed-function mode
  • Added "texscroll" command for scrolling texture slots
  • Added cheaper/more-controlled glow/specular bloom (controlled via "glare" var)
  • Added "texgui2d" var for toggling whether the texture palette uses a 2D or 3D gui
  • Scoreboard now always defaults to 2D, regardless of GUI settings (controlled via "scoreboard2d" var)
  • Added "waterfallcolour" command to control coloring of waterfalls separately from water
  • Optimized water reflection/refraction with scissoring and tighter frustum culling
  • Added refractive waterfalls (controlled via "waterfallrefract" var, disabled by default due to cost)
  • Added environment-mapped waterfalls (controlled via "waterfallenv" var)
  • Added tethers that show who is capturing a base (controlled via "capturetether" var)
  • Rewrote particle renderer to make it more extensible
  • Rewrote world renderer to more efficiently batch draw calls
  • Made lightmaps use a texture atlas to enable better batching of draw calls
  • Locked physics at fixed rate of 200 Hz (no more variable rate)
  • Revised handling of slopes in physics to reduce sticking problems
  • Made underwater fog/caustics fade in instead of turn on immediately at the surface
  • Added "resetgl" command to restart the renderer while running
  • Added builtin zoom (toggled via G key or "zoom" var)
  • Added directional damage indicator to the HUD (toggled via "damagecompass" var)
  • Smoothed out the shadow boundary caused by the shadowmap depth peeling
  • Softened water edges now work when under water
  • Players can now reconnect to private games when disconnected, so long as their IP matches
  • Added precomputed visibility/PVS system for occlusion culling on 3D cards that don't support OQ (see editref.html)
  • Added support for environment-mapped water reflections as a cheap fallback (used if "waterreflect" is off)
  • Added movement smoothing for other players in multiplayer (reduces jumpiness from packet loss)
  • Added "fullbrightmodels" var for controlling fullbright-ness of player models
  • Added MD5 model support with new skeletal animation system (see models.html)
  • Added OBJ model support (see models.html)
  • Added new decal system for bullet holes, scorch marks, etc.

Posted on Wednesday, 18th June 2008 by Drakas
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