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So far in AssaultCube CVS - Highlights

AssaultCube is still under much development. The significant changes:

  1. New maps: ac_power, ac_elevation, ac_toxic, ac_urban, ac_shine, ac_desert3, ac_keller and an update for ac_snow.
  2. New spectator mode, demo recording (!) and voting system.
  3. Extra sounds and voice commands, 5.1 (!!) surround sound support.
  4. Server logging and other stuff to improve server maintenance.
  5. Whois commands and other nifty features.
  6. And so on....

Brazilians, check out AssaultCube Brasil!

ac_urbanac_urban, sick map :-D

New scoreboardThe new scoreboard

The changes are very nice so far, and the new AssaultCube v1.0 should, in theory, blow you away. :-D

Good job, developers!

Posted on Tuesday, 20th May 2008 by Drakas
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