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Cube Server Lister

Just a few days ago we heard from The Conquerors about the release of Cube Server Lister v0.7.5. Cube Server Lister is an application dedicated to the monitoring of Cube-based games Sauerbraten, AssaultCube, BloodFrontier and Cube.

The main window is very informing and even allows you to search through the active servers' list:


Server hosters can apply the server patches to let you see who is playing on a server. All servers that support extended information will have a green plus on the icon. Here's a screenshot of how the player listing looks:

Some of our servers are running the patches already. These include: Sauer wotan.woop.us, Sauer mars.woop.us and AssaultCube wotan.woop.us. Thanks to WahnFred, Noob and other TCers behind the development of this useful tool!

Download CSL.

P.S. Drakas has created a .deb for Ubuntu and Debian amd64 users - csl-0.7.5_amd64.deb. I would appreciate if you tested it to check if everything works fine.

Posted on Sunday, 11th November 2007 by Drakas
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